Volunteer Application

Thanks for being awesome! SoonerCon runs entirely on volunteer power. Volunteering with SoonerCon is a great way to meet fandom friends and pros and help out the community. We value the positive experience of all SoonerCon participants, and this includes maintaining the safety and security of attendees, guests, vendors, and our volunteers. For this reason, we now require that volunteer applicants complete a background screening prior to volunteering at that year’s convention.

Please take a minute to review our Volunteer Screening Policy and FAQ. For questions, feel free to email via the contact form or call us at 800-745-0398.

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Please select any positions that interest you.

I am over 18 with no physical limitations. Please assign me to whatever tasks need people.


Assists with panel programming room setups during scheduled transition times.

Help manage lines for panels and autographs.

Helps setup, decorate, and cleanup the all-ages Friday night dance.

Assist backstage with Saturday night costume contest.

AV and Logistics

Operate sound board for Main programming.

Assist with sound setups for breakout programming rooms.

Operate projector and DVD equipment in the video room.

Assists with convention backstage production.

Help with Thursday setup and Sunday breakdown of convention equipment.


Help with SoonerCon's charity donations setup, bid collection, and live auction event.

Art Show

Help with Art Show setups, artist check-in/checkout, Nucleon awards, customer service, and art auction event.

Manages data entry of art show inventory system for customer checkout and artist check in/checkout.

Assist with art show and print shop checkout.

Assist with the Saturday live art auction.

Photography and Videography

Take video of various convention events and activities.

Take photographs of various convention events and activities.

Convention Operations

Completes cash register checkout for Registration, Art Show, and/or Charity areas.

Facilitates membership purchases at the door and presale check-in for convention attendees.

Checks prop weapons for safety and peace bonding.

Watch convention access doors and check member badges.

Convention Hospitality

Assist with convention VIP hospitality suite.

Help SoonerCon guests in the hotel side of the convention.

Pickup/dropoff convention panelist and VIP guests at OKC airport.

Opportunities in Gaming

Help run a game outside in the morning or early afternoon. Must be 18+.

Help bring out and setup equipment for outdoor games. Must be 16+.

Direct setup and operation of outdoor gaming activities. Must be 18+.

Help make sure everyone stays cool and drinks lots of water. Must be 18+.

Help watch the game room and sell nerf for charity. Must be 18+.

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